Friend of Exposure and Skate Rising Volunteer Requires Emergency Relief Funding image

Friend of Exposure and Skate Rising Volunteer Requires Emergency Relief Funding

Cancer Diagnosis Causing Financial Hardship

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Exposure has created this fundraiser to assist our dear friend and long-time Skate Rising Volunteer, Kendra Sebelius.

Kendra's dedication to Skate Rising is second to none. As a volunteer, she consistently shows up ready to help with clinic programming, is eager to get girls on board, and her presence never fails to raise the levels of stoke throughout the skatepark.

We love Kendra, and we know that her friends do, too. At this time, Kendra is facing financial hardship due to a diagnosis of breast cancer. We ask that you please consider helping this wonderful volunteer so that she can place more of her energy into healing.

In her own words:

"A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The last few weeks has been a roller coaster of emotions through the grieving process to reach acceptable. I met with my cancer team at Scripps MD Anderson Cancer Center in La Jolla this past Thursday and have a plan going forward which has helped me reach acceptance. So far I feel positive, hopeful and have clarity on all I will be facing. Breast cancer runs in my family so I've been super diligent in Mammograms since I hit 40...

...I have grade 3 DICU cancer, meaning it is isolated and hasn't yet spread to my body, which is good news. Next steps include: an MRI of both breasts, an ultrasound and another biopsy to decide the journey. As well as genetic testing. If the cancer remains isolated, I'll have a lumpectamy where they've found masses, followed by 6 weeks of daily radiation Monday-Friday.

It's been overwhelming, surreal and yet I've kept myself together and am trying to stay very present in my days, and upping the self care routine. It's things like this that truly put into perspective what's really important.

I appreciate any support, love, energy sent my way. I know the journey is easy at the moment, and I am trying to stay positive but am also human and a vulnerable one at that. I've decided to document this journey on Tiktok.

Much love and light to you all always 💛 ✨️ "